The power of forgiveness

The one thing that differentiates use fromĀ other animals more than anything, is the emotional part. True, animals have feelings, but in humans this is a profound mental mechanism, highly developed and extremely influential on human beings. Therefore, when a person experiences emotional harm, is often much more severe physical injury – and much more difficult to cure.

One person’s emotional vulnerability that overwhelms severe negative emotions, such as hurt, anger, sadness, bitterness and disappointment and in fact, he becomes a prisoner of the same feelings. They play the same affecting his behavior and his joy in everyday life and wherever he goes. It should be noted that the level of the injury depends on two factors: the victim’s mental strength and identity of the offending;

The person’sĀ mental strength
When a person is having assertion higher, meaning it enjoys high self-esteem, leaning on the support of high emotional and encouragement throughout his life in childhood (Another important point is why we must encourage and praise children for every positive action they perform), the damage will be relatively small and easy to be Such strong personality insult and repel any delay. However when the insult thrown is suffering low self-esteem, the harm is difficult (and of course, depends on for some low self-esteem and how severe was the insult).

Identity offending
It’s pretty obvious, is not enough pitching injury or insult to hurt someone. If you have experienced anonymous while walking on the street, you need to express anger and emits an insult, you may feel vulnerable, but it will not be such that you can not delete After a minute or two. However, if a person in your life, such as parents, friends and even more so the spouse, hurling you’re / the “idiot”, and perhaps repeat this in different ways – even if the person has knowledge of self-worth, deep wounds and scalds The roots of his soul.

Internal forgiveness

As mentioned above, the injury experience is a personal experience and certainly some situations in a relationship, it is difficult to break free. However, there is a wonderful psychological mechanism, repression, allows us to overcome the injury, because there will always be reasons for us to be hurt. Without this mechanism, it was difficult for us to move on.

No less remarkable mechanism, is that of forgiveness. This is a deep mental process, allowing us to release negative emotions basket, as noted above, we are their captives. Instead, we are able to strike “a different set of emotions: elation cleansing of peace, serenity and acceptance of others – the faults.

Anger is a normative part of human development. The child begins to get angry about something or someone frustrates him. This behavior reflects an expression of self-esteem because this way he tries to protect himself. Sometimes children are angry that fail to articulate their feelings, desires or needs.

Anger is a normal human emotion and sometimes unhealthy. However, when he is not controlled, it becomes destructive. There are different strengths of anger. Momentary excitement to aggressive outburst.

The anger came to tell us that something bad is going on inside us, something that needs attention. Anger is an emotion that can not be set right or wrong, what is good or bad because it is the way he came by the expression.

Therefore, when the offending ask forgiveness – and get it – is released from a heavy layer of distress might not have been fully aware of her, but it exists and oppresses him.