Sweet things to say to your boyfriend

Sweet things to say to your boyfriend

Romantic gestures are an essential component of relationships; however perfect your relationship might be with your boyfriend, you can always make it that much better with a few sweet words and compliments.

A well placed word or two can make all the difference in the world; and one need not master classic literature and poetry to learn how to more sweetly speak to their boyfriend. You only need to understand the essentials, those factors that will most effectively impact your boyfriend’s mood and his perception of you:

-Sometimes compliments are not always necessary to force a positive reaction out of your boyfriend; sometimes simply asking him for his advice and even thanking him for it can make all the difference in the world. Your boyfriend will appreciate the opportunity to make your life better.

-If you truly appreciate your boyfriend’s social skills and charms, say so; it isn’t enough to simply observe in awe. Effective as your facial expressions might be, verbalizing your thoughts about your boyfriend’s capabilities will fill him with pride.

-If your boyfriend makes an effort to look good for you, do not pass up the opportunity to compliment him on his appearance. It matters little how your phrase your words. The key is to compliment him without going overboard. And being vague doesn’t help matters. Make mention of those areas that you find most attractive.

-As a woman, it is important to fight the hostile urges that might overtake you each time other women check your boyfriend out. In fact you could go so far as to point these instances out, mentioning just how lucky you are to be in his arms.

-It is important that you make an effort to converse with your boyfriend about his dreams; some of the sweetest things you could say to him should show your interest in his ambitions, this allowing the two of you to grow closer.

-Do not ignore the signs of chivalry you notice in your boyfriend; if he took the time to open the door for you, a quick smile and a compliment can go a long way in assuring him of your pleasure at his actions.

-Sometimes actions speak louder than words. Give your boyfriend the opportunity to display his strength. Even asking him to open a jar for you can go a long way in showing your dependence upon him.

Along with showing your appreciation for his sexual habits, mental acuity and principles, there is no shortage of arenas that you can compliment and make comment upon when it comes to showing your boyfriend your appreciation for his existence, some sweet things to say to your boyfriend including the following:

-I feel secure and protected whenever I am around you.

-You understand me better than anyone I have ever met.

-Most of my friends are jealous of my relationship with you.

-When you hold me, the world seems perfect.

-There is no other person in the world whose company I enjoy more than yours.

-You are such a chivalrous gentleman.

-I am so jealous of your sense of humor

-Can I sleep in your shirt, you’re smell turns me on.

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