How to say “no” in a dating site

Not everyone has the courage to build a card in the free dating site and start to “hunt”, and not because of shyness introduce themselves. Sometimes embarrassing moment for them is when they want to say it’s not after one conversation with someone or someone from a dating site for free. If you identify with the issue and find yourself refraining from entering into dating site for fear of discomfort you may experience it if you want to end a call or contact your place with us.

How to say no, without prejudice and without a fight?

Dating site for singles know this game has a chance to be rejected. Who has no problem of inferiority or other matters of this kind, not get upset, say thank you and move on. But there are others and others starting to get into films: “Why? What happened? This is something I’ve done?” In the best case, or giving advice rude and rude at worst. Either way, it’s not pleasant finish. How is it elegant?

I met someone

There is no better method than that. It works without prejudice, without leaving a trail of bad taste. It is  better to tell that the encounter happened randomly without planning, the way to work, the mall or the supermarket. You do not have to begin to describe the imaginary situation, but give the other party the feeling really, nice, thank you and good luck.

The first excuse is really good, but he misses his intention to continue to hang out if you two free dating site and see each other “flash” that you are there. In this case it is possible to take two steps: disable the function that indicates that you are in, and close the chat could not see you there.

If you Do not feel like hiding

If you do not want to start playing hide and seek, and yet you do not feel comfortable saying it’s not that, you can choose a different way: it is your fault and not the other. “I thought I could start a relationship, but I realized I was not ready yet. So, really sorry, but I’m really not there.” After such phrases no one will contact you again, even if they see you on the site (except those with severe mental disorders, but this really does not do).

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