Do we really have freedom of choice?

Our life are the choice of multiple decision we made, which do you choose, whether consciously or not consciously.

You can select and control your life in every aspect of your life.

Your control yourself stems from yourself. What is behind the idea of ​​choice is the understanding that we are responsible for our lives and our lives is in our hands of responsibility.

Could the pilot of a passenger plane, did not know the route and destination of flying? Could it be the captain of the ship journey, not a destination to know what is floating? That could be you come by car without a destination and point?

Most people in the world, living day to day without goals and objectives .hhiim steer them where they navigate, sometimes they experience their lives better and sometimes less. Until that happens a significant event in their lives such as the loss of someone close, a crisis in front of son / daughter couple, economic collapse, disease, and more.

As they experience the event they experience a kind of shock and then receive turn their life or they stop to ask why this happened to me? What is the universe trying to teach me? Investigate the events leading up to these situations and draw conclusions from the event and learn something specific rate, or they blame everyone else for what happened .omfthim frustration, blame and criticism of life. Then they continue to get more and more frustrated guilty and things usually only get in.

Most people are looking to blame for the situation which creates frustration, anger and a sense of unfulfillment .In most cases, are beginning to tell and how hard his excuse. And some dealing with him is different, and some of his suffering is great .ohfarim grow even more especially when they see their environment and the people who manages to have their starting point in this how it’s going for them, they are lucky, it is easy for them, and more.

Happiness and joy These are the kind of muscle that we can develop. If we understand the significance of the role of these muscles are – we understand why we need to develop them.

Our body is like any other substance in the universe may energies – our thoughts are energies that flow in and out of your body all the time. Thoughts create our feelings which are the most powerful energies in us – these energies absorb what is on the outside depending on the type of energy we take in our thoughts. The type of energy is measured by the mass, color, frequency and therefore Tmgnt her back the same energy we spent.

When we think positively, we ourselves produce positive emotions of love, compassion, kindness, caring, and more. These feelings magnetic energy from the outside with the same frequencies, colors and masses of them energy and of course they also carry with them the same energy of love. When the program moving this kind of energy we can experience health and balance the body and mind together.

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