This has proved to be the biggest quest for most girls! You have a crush on this boy and you cant stop thinking of him but you don’t know how to get to him! And worse of all, it’s sad when it seems that everyone always gets attention from him, but not you. But worry not, there a couple of things you can do about this, and get him to like you….

First, get to know him. Try to find out as much as you can. About his family, interests, personality etc. This is very important because it will be a major factor when you become friends you could use it as bait and an added advantage to create a long conversation and even get to know him better. If you have mutual friends with him, be a world class listener and get to know what others think and know of him.

Now having known a little stuff about him, think of a way to approach him. Timing is everything! Most girls tend to go for ‘Get Caught Looking’ – being caught in the act of glimpsing and when he notices you were looking at him, give a small smile then look away. Next when you bump on him, nail it! Having acquired some knowledge about him, he’ll be astonished how you know him and he doesn’t know anything about you. This will force him to get to know you even better. There you are! He already has his eyes on you! And when you talk, be confident and just talk to him like one of your friends. Avoid faltering!
Caution! Be weary of the friend zone. You don’t want to be there for too long, because if you’re in there for a while, you could be stuck there, forever.

Get his number. Maintain communication! Text him more often, App him, like his pictures on Instagram, comment on his updates and pictures on Facebook, every once in a while. Seeing your name on his chat list will always make him feel attached to you.
When close to him, tease him, get playful, hold his hands, touch him in cute ways, and be flirty, but don’t over do it. Remember to laugh and smile a lot!

This is a big one! Care for your hygiene. Some little perfume and look your best – Dress to impress! Also do your makeup and hair. But don’t over do it. Wear minimal make but at times consider going for that natural look. He’ll definitely notice you. As a favor in return, complement him too.
Suggest going out on the weekend. Start up the conversation, and make good eye contact with him. Don’t be too shy and be safe not to mention other guys too often, he might think you like them or have a crush on them and not himself.

Last But not least. support him and always be there for him. And when push comes to shove, try to be more forward with him. Let him know you’re interested, but not desperate. And that is how you get a boy to like you without him even noticing you’re doing it! All natural!