Gaining new friends start with a simple conversation. A conversation happens to everyone of us everyday of our lives as we go to work, attend school or do our own business. Being a good conversant is undeniably a very useful skill to have.

However, it comes with practice and good social skills. Add to that, a bit of confidence and sense of humor to break the tension of being estranged to that other person you’re talking to. You may ask, what can you talk about if you don’t know the person? What if a dead-end topic comes out of your mouth? What if there was no reply? Wait. Don’t panic. The first key principle to engage in a good conversation with different people is to be genuinely curious about them. Then expect that you will receive a positive response. Just be cool, optimistic and always smile. And all goes well.

To help you start a positive conversation, here are top ten thrilling topics you can talk about with a variety of people. They are really simple and yet very engaging.

Here’s the list of 10 topics to talk about 

1. Weather conditions

This is a fantastic starter, especially if it’s extremely hot or cold. Ask the other person how he/she copes with it. Talk about your observations in your surroundings.

2. Trending news

This is easy. Talk about what’s in the news, what’s popular, what the buzz is about. But don’t start gossiping nor entertain a gossip. Talk about the positives, the solutions, the funny ones, those that are uplifting to the spirit. You would want to be a good influence to that other person.

3. Funny or weird experiences

To be able to relate to someone you don’t know well, it always helps mentioning a funny or weird moment relevant to the scenario you’re in. If you’re in a party, you can share how you mistakenly thought a rubber food decoration as an appetizer, and so you put it in your mouth and chewed it. Only to realize later that it’s not edible and you innocently spit it out of your mouth. Doing so, relaxes the other person and usually extends your conversation to topics that are more fun and out of this world. This can be an excellent subject of a short text message (barenakedlife)

4. Personal preferences

Although, it may be, that you don’t know well the other person, you can still talk about each of your personal preferences about topics that we are generally curious about others. This may include what we do in life, what professions we are in, the passions that really interest us, what we look forward to do in the future, the person or things we like to have, the person or things we are thankful about, what we like/don’t like about ourselves, the heroes in our lives, and many more. Such conversation can create a pleasant familiarity that may result to a deeper knowing with each other.

5. Recent life changes

Sometimes we experience life events that push us to make major changes in our lifestyles. Perhaps, it could be new habits that we needed to establish to achieve goals. It can be, choosing to be a vegan to lose weight or to improve health, deciding to take another job to meet financial goals or moving to a new place far from home to adjust to the new employment. Such topics can be shared straightforward to different people as we all experience life changes. It’s a good way of showing empathy and letting the other person know that somehow we understand them.

6. Travel experiences

The places we’ve visited and our travel experiences, most of the time, attract other people’s interest. We’d all like to know how it is to go to a place we’ve never been and how to deal with the people there. Of course, we’re also curious about the best travel deals and how to get one. Anyway, it’s all about sharing a personal experience with the intent of learning from it. So if we have similar desires, then we’re just getting ready for a new place to go.

7. Recent movies that you watched or books that you read

Talking about the Jurassic World or any recent movie produces a light and friendly conversation. There’s already familiarity in both parties. Same goes about books you’ve just read. Expressing your opinions on the stories, portrayals and plots establish a connection with the other person. Regardless of how you view the movie or book, and whether you both agree or not, it is always good to hear from the other side.

8. Faith beliefs

Usually, conversations about faith beliefs end up long. Perhaps it’s because of the curiosity of the other person on the what, how and why of the belief, especially, if it’s different from his/her own. Respect for our differences in faith beliefs, all the more, engages the conversation when matched with eagerness to listen

9. Eureka moments

There are times in our lives when we experience finding solutions to long existing questions or problems. Or it can be about how we had a breakthrough on a certain aspect, that we were waiting on for too long. It gives us excitement to share with others. We also want to inspire them to have their own aha moments.

10. About your parents/kids/spouses

Well, topics about members of the family are certainly the easiest ones to talk about. Again, it could just be general and typical information. For example, we have our unforgettable experiences, awkward moments and, funny and unusual things with our families. Most of the time, we end with laughter and lessons learned from such adventures.

11. Women Issues

Conversation topics that are extremely popular between women are Beauty, Fashion and Dating (Men). The first two subject are related to your physical appearance. What I mean by beauty and fashion is for example, the latest earrings  I bought…, How did I make my pimples disappear…. What wedding dress am I going to wear to the prom? These are extremely useful and lasting conversation topics.

There you have it. Choose a few topics and use them to gain acquaintances, and later, good friends. Enjoy your time as you get to know each other. In the end, you’ll experience a contentment within for stepping up to reach out to others. For more information on conversation topics, visit